Need ideas…

I have made a great realisation!!!

Okay it might not be that big of a realisation and something that is so obvious but hey I’ve figured it out now.

Okay for those that have been reading my posts you know that I get very bored… Like almost ALWAYS!! So I decided to find the reason for my incurable boredom.. And TaDa I found the reason.

My life is a non-stop routine… Nothing majorly new or exciting happens and so each day feels like a repeat of the day before. So now I’m on the quest to find a new experience … One that I’ve never done before and is going to spike some excitement and change in my life.

Not quite sure what I want to do yet but I’m searching … If anyone has ideas let me know, I’d love some suggestions. πŸ™‚

Okay I’m going to go back to my routine for now… Bye bye πŸ‘‹

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