Injustice… (Part I)

Sitting in the cold darkness of her dwelling she pondered and laughed at the human race. As those in it have become inconsiderate and selfish, caring about none other than themselves. A race that no longer considered to listen except to themselves and act upon what they thought was correct. People no longer gave a second thought to how someone else felt, they just act impetuously. Their biggest worry was how they could get everything they want and still remain happy. How they managed to get it didn’t matter as long as society could see their shining, white teeth. She grimaced as she thought of how nauseating people have become.

She was accused of being the incentive for the action undertaken. Not only that but they hadn’t given her a chance to proclaim her innocence. Even if they were to listen they’d put the papers aside at the end and continue to do what they wanted, as if they didn’t hear a thing. They had made it seem like she was the one that supplied him and never took into account the hurt she had experienced. They became a crowd that tread over those that have fallen and stood on top of them if it meant that they would be happy. Why was it that people no longer cared about each other?

She discovered that injustice and the lack of humanity was what brought her to the edge of the cliff. The safe side with all the grass and sunshine was being obstructed by those that found happiness from her, pushing her to the edge of darkness and dangerously, solid rocks. She knew if she was to scream or call out for help her plea will echo just like in an empty tunnel, with her being the only one to hear it. She wasn’t as strong as she once was but she wasn’t weak either, she was still on her feet and waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak by to the other side and reveal that she was misjudged.

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