Still searching…

Hello! 🙂

How are you? (Haha I’m getting used to talking to myself )

Okay so an update on the experience/hobby searching…. I still haven’t found anything yet. Still accepting any suggestions from anyone… I don’t care if it’s completely random or weird I’d love to know what things you have in mind for me to try out.

So basically haven’t been doing too much lately, I have been thinking about trying sketching again but never got around to actually doing it.

Also thank you for those that have been giving me suggestions. For the “learning an instrument” suggestion.. I’ve tried piano and guitar and also singing 😂 yea I’m not too good at those. And dancing isn’t any better but don’t worry I’ll keep trying… Even though I’m pretty sure my family is praying for me to stop. But hey not everyone is born with pure talent… 😂

Umm… Okay I don’t have anything to talk about. 😦

Ooo I know let me know what kind of hobbies and interests you guys have.

Okay I am starting to be a little weird … think I should stop now :’)

Bye bye 👋

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