The familiar stranger…

You know that feeling you get when you look at someone and you just know that you’ve seen them or maybe even met them. You look at them for the longest time ever analysing them and trying to remember or recognise who they are. Then you start to wonder whether it’s just you imagining things or life playing it’s role in reuniting. Well…

There was this girl that I always used to see,

Something about her,

The way she made me feel,

It was like I’d met her before,

Like I knew exactly who she was,

It used to kill me,

Knowing that I’d seen those brown eyes before,

That I’d met this girl,

But I just couldn’t remember who she was.

It broke me,

Her eyes were glazed with tears, she was  trying to be strong,

I always tried reassuring her that it would be ok,

That nothing was worth her tears,

But I just couldn’t help but share her pain,

Whenever I saw her I talked to her,

But never got too close so that I didn’t scare her away,

Each time I could see her growing stronger,

The tears slowly clearing away.


Now as I look at her I can see her breaking free,

Like a caterpillar that is finally ready to leave its cocoon as the butterfly it was destined to be,

It makes me feel so proud,

I just want to hug her,

But as I get closer to I don’t get to feel the warm embrace,

Instead I get a cold, hard hit

Confused, I move back a bit,

There she was,

Still standing there,

Confused just like me,

I slowly smile and she smiles back at me

That’s when I realise,

Those brown eyes didn’t belong to a stranger,

Nor did they belong to an old friend,

They belonged to me. 🙂

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