For the past couples of hours I’ve been tossing this word around in my head, thinking, trying and waiting for a light bulb. Nope. Nothing. I’m blank. All I could manage to come up with was the word itself. Perfection.

Perfection? Perfect? What does this word really mean? We use it a lot in everyday life, like “Her outfit is perfection.” Or “This place is perfect,” “Everything has to be perfect” or even “They’re the perfect couple.” But do we really know what we mean by  classifying something as perfect?

I feel like it has become a word that has lost its meaning because of how often we use it. Just like the word “LOVE”, it’s a word that gets tossed around and said in every circumstance that the true meaning of the word is lost, and its effect is no longer what it was.

Surely someone can say “No, perfect is a straightforward word and is used appropriately” So I decided to get an actual definition for the word and who better to ask than my Bae (aka. Google 😉 )

Bae was nice enough to not give me one but three defintions for “perfect”. One of them was “Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be (adj)”.

Only thing I can argue is, in relation to that defintion, everyone perceives the world through their own glasses. What’s perfect to me, may be far from it for someone else. It’s a word that differs in meaning depending on the individual using it.

You may see everything as perfect whereas I say nothing is. Or more like nothing man-made is perfect. Everything can be improved on, everything can develop and evolve to become a better version of itself. Evidence of this is technology. For Example we view the latest iPhone as perfect, but then a newer one comes out and the one we previously had loses its “perfection”. All because the new one is a better developed and evolved version of the previous one.

So us as humans shouldn’t be striving for perfection. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others. There is only one version of you and you should alway only be you. Instead of worrying and trying to be better than others, try and work, develop and evlove yourself to be the best YOU you can be.

Accept all faults and flaws. Don’t follow society’s views but strive and create your own perfection. No facade is needed, don’t try to be perfect, because perfection is always going to be tomorrow’s you. 🙂


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