My companion …

I look beside me and smile,

She was sitting beside me also smiling,

She was sharing this beautiful moment with me,

As the sky slowly started turning into its breath-taking colour and the sun said good night,

I lean back and sigh,

A sigh of relief,

I was so glad things were back to normal,

She had disappeared for a while and we were going through a tough time,

But that’s all put aside now and she was back,

Right there next to me,

Her warmth radiating in the chill of the night,

I close my eyes and savour this moment,

“I missed you”,

Suprisingly I got no reply from her,

I open my eyes and look towards her,

But she was no longer there,

She was never there,

I look up at the sky and watch the darkness slowly take over,

“I wish you were here”

And just like the movies,

There was a sparkle within the darkness,

As if she was trying to tell me,

I’ll always be here,

Just instead of being next to you,

I’ll be looking down on you smiling.


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