My List.

I received an email, informing me about today’s inspiration, as many of you know by now “Day Two: Write a list”

My first thought was this shouldn’t be so bad, but as I started to read on and think about what I wanted to write I realised I could be here forever and my list will never end. So I decided to hold off the writing until I could come up with the number one thing I would put on my list. After hours of thinking I decided on one that fits under both “things I’ve learnt” and “things I wish”.

I’m not one with so much experience in this world. I haven’t gone through half the things some people have had to face throughout their life. But as I stated in my last post I’m a listener, and because of that I learn from others and hear about the different things that go on within people’s lives. Whether it’s on the bus, or with a group of friends I also seem to catch on to the stories people share.

Due to my tendency to listen, I always think of advice or an opinion to the things I hear. That’s how I learnt about what I wish to do for a living. I felt like only one thing would suit me, one thing that I could hopefully succeed at and make a change with.

I want to help people, be their most trusted person to tell things to; like their own real life diary. One that not only listens but tries to help during all situations. Be happy when their happy and understand their pain and help them make it better. If time went back, actually even now, I’d love one for myself. But that’s not the point, my top wish would be to be able to put a smile on people’s face.

It’s such an amazing rewarding feeling, something I would love to feel everyday. Although I’m not doing it exactly how I want just yet, I still strive to see a smile on those around me. Whether I’m happy or not, seeing a frown turn upside down is all I need, it’s contagious and I find myself doing exactly the same.

So to summarise my list I came up with three things…

My List

  1. Turn frowns upside down
  2. Help wherever and whenever I can
  3. Your happiness only counts when it can be shared with those around you

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