A different kind of voyage.

I’m setting out on a Voyage.

Not one of those adventurous ones where you see and do amazing things.

No. I’m going on one within myself. I can’t go and admire nature when I simply can’t admire the reflection on this river.

It hurts to think about how much has changed in such a short time. Everything was different, and I’ve been too caught up to make sense of it all. That’s why I need this. I need this to remember what it’s truly like to be living.

I need to be living each day as it goes, fully invested in each little thing that happens. But lately I’ve been stuck within my head. Living within my thoughts, missing out on all the simple things that used to matter to me.

They don’t deserve my withdrawal when it’s means nothing to them. Simply forgotten, not even a glance to check if I’m okay. But that’s okay. I’m going on this voyage and I’m going to come out of it stronger than ever. I’m going to become a better version of me. I’m not going to sit there waiting for them to look, I’m going to let them miss out on my amazing jump.

They’re too busy, so they don’t deserve me.

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