The Dreaded Disease

In today’s society it seems like some, or more accurately the majority of us, are suffering with a dreaded disease. One that we have the ability to manage but always seem to forget to keep in check. We plan on curing ourselves from it but yet again we fall into the same trap that this disease sets out for us.

Procrastination-elitise: A disease in which one constantly delays things and does everything other than the task at hand. Sometimes can cause extreme stress especially when there are associated deadlines. One is aware of the disease but fails to address and treat it before it’s too late.

Ofcourse this is an issue and there are different views upon the effect of this disease. One particular one is…

Everyone has a different opinion on the statement above. Ofcourse being a sufferer of procrastination-elitise, I can definitely say it does bring on creativity. Ofcourse not when there are major deadlines, but for more flexible tasks. Let’s take blogging for example, a prompt is sent or a topic is decided, waiting may bring on a new spark of ideas you hadn’t thought of at the beginning. Keeping it in mind and going about everyday life you’ll definitely be inspired.

So what’s the whole point of this post? Don’t look at this issue in a bad light, sure sometimes it’s not the best, but everyone can be that little extra creative with some delaying. Rather than considering it to Deprive you of time, think of it as extra time to create something extra special.

Everyone’s unique and should allow themselves time to bring out the best their minds can muster. Use every flaw to your advantage, it’s what makes you you and distinguishes you from the rest of society.

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