A Lesson Learnt


Whether we do it as full time writers or the occasional thought sharing, like myself, it teaches us something. Every one of us gets something out of writing posts and reading perspectives of others from all around the world.

You know when I first set up this blog, I really didn’t give any thought about the themes, the follows, or anything. If you’ve read my first post you would know that I was basically sent here by my Bae, Google 🙂 , because of how bored I had become.

Now I’m so much more dedicated. In the past month I’ve fixed my theme, posted more regularly and basically set up a time to just sit and write something to share with you guys. I don’t know what it is, but it seriously is addicting and not only is it entertaining but very life changing.

If I can share with you guys something that I’ve learnt, it’s to become a Tourist in your own life. I can definitely say that’s something I’m slowly becoming, and you all should try to be one too.

Take time to notice all the small details and admire everything around you. Don’t just look at the obvious things but dig deeper and capture memories that you can cherish forever. Even the moments that don’t go quite as planned will turn out to be great stories.

This definitely made me appreciate the slightest things that surround me. I know you will too. Don’t take anything for granted and make every moment count. Even hardships can make you smile once you make your next turn.

Who needs travelling when you can turn your life into your own forever lasting adventure.

2 thoughts on “A Lesson Learnt

  1. I love this. Your journey sounds very similar to mine. I have tons of thoughts and ideas, but had no place to put them. If I hadn’t been a tourist in my own life, I would have never discovered my new home, WordPress.

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