1% ….

I sit here and wonder,

I wonder about society,

The way we have become so egocentric,

We either don’t care about others, or we care about those that don’t really need our worry

The problems we spend hours talking about and getting all stressed over are seriously unbelievable.

“Zayn Malik and his girlfriend broke up,”

“I can’t believe I don’t have a body like Kim Kardashian,”

“Noooooo!!!! I don’t have any more lives in Candy Crush.”

Okay yeah I get it, these things are entertaining and seem major,

But there are other things we should worry about,

Other things we should keep ourself updated about.

Like Syria,



The children who are picking at the garbage and sand to find a simple crumb to calm down their screaming tummies,

Those that have just lost their loved ones,

Or the those that Burn from their hearts indescribable suffering.


Okay let’s forget about those,

What about the ones that are on our streets,

No food, no shelter, no love or care.

Just passed by or attacked for simply just sitting there.

I’m sorry society, but when you come and complain and freak out about the red 1% warning on your screens,

I think about those whose lives are also running on a dangerously low red warning


Both with the same condition, but

One gets checked up on ten times a second,

While the other completely ignored every single second.


Now Society I ask you this,

Which will you choose to recharge?

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