The remote’s in your hand…

I remember the day I no longer had my sense of security always by my side.

For all of you that have an older sibling, you know what I’m talking about. When ever you needed help or just needed some comfort you’d do anything to be in their presence. Ofcourse then there comes times that they aren’t always around.

It was the beginning of a new year and it was the first time I went to school on my own. For someone that had been in situations of bullying and discomfort this was one of the most nerve-racking things to do. The fact that I was shy and a little too sensitive only made matters worse.

Walking into school was scary but I knew this was the day I had to gain a sense of Autonomy when it came to my safety and comfort. I couldn’t rely on anyone, especially not at school. I remember I did just that, I became a whole different me.

I was no longer afraid and I stood up for myself making sure that no one could bring me down. I always wore a smile and if anyone said anything I’d laugh and make sure they didn’t see how it affected me.


To anyone that is a victim of bullying or has a hard time anywhere, remember only you have control over your happiness. Don’t let anyone bring you down, stay confident, walk tall and always smile. Trust me it’s intimidating. Ofcourse it’s hard and you’ll fall once or twice but always remember to get back up and be stronger.

It took me a while but definitely made my life so much happier and easier when I had control over my feelings. I know it’ll be the same for you.

Dont forget, you have the remote and you can control your life however you want.

Smile and stay strong. Xx

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