Dear Nice People…

Dear nice people,

You are all truly amazing. I congratulate you on being able to be so positive and always having the best intentions. But I’m also addressing you to remind you, DO NOT play it too nice. Don’t allow yourself to miss the signs that are presented to you.

You get labelled as the “nice person” and you don’t want others to change the way they see you. You always want to keep up to the label you were given, but don’t forget people will take advantage of that.

You see it’s true when they say, “Easier said than done”. That’s why I believe “Actions speak louder than words”. Ofcourse words play a big part in life, but it’s easier to lie than to fake actions.

I personally feel like the body always gives it away. That’s why if you feel like something is off then keep an eye on it, and if things just aren’t working out then distance yourself.

Don’t become a ball that people can toss around and easily drop to the ground. Don’t be too wary about your enemies, they’re an open book. Be more knowing of the ones that are hiding behind a curtain, perfecting their role acting as the best friend.

They’re hard to spot but False friends do exist.

Stay strong and act wisely. Xx

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