Don’t just smile…

Sometimes during your Journey, you have to stop and realise what’s going on around you. Once you give yourself the chance to, you start to recognise the slightest details.

It’s funny how much the eye can tell. No matter how much someone has perfected their smile, if you look closely you can see the pain embedded in their eyes. All it takes is for you to ask them “Are you okay?” and you see their eyes shatter, lips start to tremble and they’ll bite their tongue and smile saying “Yes, Ofcourse.”

You see when that person means the world to you, your pain gets forgotten and new wounds are created. Ones that cause actual physical heart pain. It’s indescribable. And you know that this is a fraction of the pain that their experiencing.

I just want everyone to smile. Not just smile, but actually have their eyes light up with such great and true happiness. I don’t want to see anymore shattered glass eyes masked by the perfected smile. I want to see genuine smiles light up all around.

Don’t forget after every big storm a beautiful rainbow shines.

Be strong and find your real smile. Xx

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