Carefree and in peace,

Determined to keep going,

My legs aching and my fingers slowly slipping off the curved hold,

I couldn’t hold myself up much longer.

I slipped and slammed my side,

Once I reached the bottom,

I chalked up my hands and was already gripping and going at it again,

It sometimes only needed one go and others needed multiple hits and falls until I finally reached the top,

I realised as I stepped up to the wall after my first failed attempt,

That in order to succeed,

We’ve got to let go of the belief of not being good enough and not being able to do it,

We got to be willing to fail once or more,

Then acknowledge the achievement that has been made,

Even if you only got one step further be proud of how far you’ve come and,

Never give up.

Stay Strong and hold on. Xx

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