What if the stars could speak?

Staring up at the beautiful midnight sky,

Lit up by the hundreds of shining stars,

A question continually crosses my mind…

What if the stars could speak?


Those lonely nights spent stuck within our own head would’ve been spent talking with those up overhead.

If the stars could speak,

They would whisper down and make sure it was clear,

“We will be there every step of the way shining in the midst of your darkness”

All the secrets, tears and laughter would be shared and they would reassure us,

“It was going to be okay”

They would listen and make sure they…

Shined brighter when darkness was creeping up closer,

And dimmed when it was returning to the shadows.


If the stars could speak..

They’d be our new trusted friend,

All the screaming thoughts that were trapped would’ve been said out loud to them while they heard from above,

They would advise us from a different perspective as they can see what we cannot,

If stars could speak,

We’d be awake every night speaking rather than crying in our sleep.


You see,

Although stars cannot speak,

They were there for us in the darkness,

They gave us light when we were stuck in the night,

Without them we would still be lost and afraid,

But they were there when no one else was.


Thank you stars,

We didn’t even have to wish,

For you to come to our help. ☺️
(Inspiration by ShadowsinMidnight… Thank you hope you enjoy☺️)

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