Dear society…

Dear Society,

I have had a lot of sleepless nights. But tonight is different and You might not care but I need to tell you why.

My heart aches and my brain is in overdrive. You might think that I’m here to complain about my personal problems. But you’re wrong, you’ve already prejudged me just like you always do.

I honestly never knew I could hurt so much for someone because of something that seems so simple.

And the only thing that’s running through my mind is, What has happened to you society? What has happened?

I’m so distracted with my thoughts and just found myself typing away with such anger and hurt. Not for myself, but for all those that are suffering from the corruption you have caused.

You haven’t only corrupted a small group of people. No not at all. You’ve Stubbornly corrupted even the small minds, the ones that are supposed to be innocent and loving. Well thank you, those are the rare ones now.

Children. CHILDREN!!!

You’ve taught them to judge and discriminate. You’ve already imprinted in their minds that beauty is thin. You’ve already taught them that someone who’s unique doesn’t fit in.

I don’t think you understand the pain, a 7 year old being so hurt for being told “You don’t fit in, you never will.” from those he considered to be his friends. All he wanted to do was cry but… He didn’t. You know why? You have taught him it’s not okay for boys to cry. He has been repeatedly told that being a man means not crying and being strong. You know what that has done??? He pretends not to feel any pain, he gets violent when he is angry, and he acts older than his age. How is that fair??

I’m sorry I’m on a rant, but this is definitely not a life a child should be living. It’s gotten to the point that you cannot comfort him because he thinks that’s him being weak.

I had so much expectations for you society. I thought you’d at least spare the young ones from your harsh ways of living. But nope I was wrong.

Those of you who have been able to fight the corruption and stay pure and kind. I sincerely Praise you. You deserve so much respect. Although I ask you for a favour and I hope you’ll try. Teach our children and teach those around you. Don’t discriminate, don’t judge and especially don’t hate.

Remind them: It’s okay to be different, it’s okay not to be thin, it’s okay to feel anger but never to be violent, it’s okay to feel hurt and most importantly it’s okay to cry.

I’m sorry society, but I can’t help but see you in a bad light right now. Thank you for already ruining our children’s life.

11 thoughts on “Dear society…

  1. It will not always be. A couple of years ago I “ran into” a classmate from elementary school. They fellow apologized profusely for the teasing and cruel words. – I didn’t remember his actions. Time heals and we grow. You child is fortunate to have such a loving parent πŸ™‚ β™₯

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