Two little voices,

One that brings out the biggest smile,

The other the fastest frown and quickest change in mood,

One that’s loved and welcomed with open arms,

The other,

Well, although it’s not the one that’s wanted,

Still seems to be the one with the most influential power,

With its booming echo that causes a tremble that shakes to the very core,

Its the one you are bound to listen to.

The one that makes you believe you’re not worth it,

You aren’t good enough,

“Look at her, she’s so much prettier than you”

“Look at him, he can get all the girls”

“Look at them, they’re all judging you”

It’s the voice that just won’t go away,

Although it Maybe seems hard,

Sometimes silencing it is the best way,

Success and happiness will then find their way.


These little voice live inside our brain,

The choice is yours,

Which will you choose to listen to?

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