Starting over again…

Standing proud and tall,

Admiring the familiar stranger that I’ve got to know so well,

“You’ve come along way and it’ll only get better from here”

But so I believed,

In an instance the smile we shared was no longer there,

A sudden perplexed emotion quickly took its place,

A feeling from within that I haven’t felt in so long,


The feeling got worse,

I was suffocating,

Slowly drowning

“NO! NO!”

The mirror shattered and I was left staring at the scattered fragments,

Unable to pick them up and place them back in place,

It stung and burnt, cutting deeper the more I tried,

“How could I let this happen?”

With tears staining my sheets, I promised …

“I’ll stay strong and just start over again.”


P.s. Never give up, even you fall and have to start again. Get up and get further than you were before, making adjustments to create a more perfected version of the previous attempt.

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