The little fragile child…

I remember the little Fragile child,

The one that used to giggle and laugh while running in the shinning rays of the summer sun,

Chasing after the birds,

Dancing with the wind,

Swirling in the rain,

Jumping in the muddy puddles,

Getting as dirty as can be.


I remember the little fragile child that lived life to its fullest,

Using their imagination to get rid of boredom,

Yes there were scraps and there were tears,

But that little child made the most of every second before they heard,

“It’s time to leave,”

But Ofcourse didn’t stop playing until,

Bedtime it was.


That little child,

Ran to mummy and daddy for hugs and kisses,

And always fell asleep smiling,

Dreaming of all the adventures they still had to visit.


They were learning,

Growing stronger,

And getting wiser,

Building up courage and skill with every experience,

That will help them conquer the struggles they would bound to encounter while getting older.


That little fragile child still exists,

Even in the visibly stronger and older me.




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