Fellow blogger in need of help! 

Hello there Bloggers ☺️

So I’ve had a little trouble writing lately. Literally feels like I have nothing to write. I don’t like that feeling. This got me thinking to why I started blogging. I remember my thoughts were so cramped that I just needed somewhere to empty and put them out. It was amazing because whenever I got a thought or something was bothering me I’d type it away. While I was thinking of this I realised that till now I haven’t really posted anything that fits with my blogging name, ClumsyandSilly. So why did I choose this name?

Whenever someone was asked to describe me clumsy and silly would always be mentioned. That’s how I portrayed myself to those around me. I never let them see the serious emotional side of me, that’s why my thoughts when alone or at night in the comfort of my bed were nothing like people saw. I changed myself, I wouldn’t say became closed up but more aware and cautious of when, what, how and why something is being said or done.

When I started blogging I knew that I wanted to speak the thoughts I never trusted or dared to say. I wanted to be able to free the screaming thoughts and emotions without having anyone look me in the eyes and dig deeper. I just wanted to be able to be heard, without any second thinking or doubts. But I guess now it feels like, what do people want to read? What posts will interest others? What messages will my readers take from the posts I share?

I don’t know. I just can’t find the inspiration to write something that satisfies me enough to post up. I know I want to write, I know I want to in someway benefit my readers with the posts I share, and I know for a fact I don’t want to be the person that blows unwanted Smoke on the people passing by.

So all you beautiful people out there, I need your help. What would you like to read about? What will benefit you in any way? What’s some experiences or opinions you would like to be shared? I would love to hear all your suggestions and thoughts. Please let me know what you think and what I should do. ☺️

Bye for now and stay amazing my fellow bloggers. 😘


I miss it! 😔

I want to write!!!

I really really do!!!

But there just this tiny thing that’s always stopping me,

I don’t know what it is,

Or how to make it stop,

Or how to be inspired again,

But all I know is that

I miss writing…

And wish I could get back into again. 😔

Enjoy the ride…

“Please tell me you finally have a story to tell?” 

*thinks* “No I don’t…”

“OMG, what do you do with your life? I have like 10 stories to tell just from today…”


You see sometimes you might think that someone is being secretive or just have the most boring life. But that is were you have to be careful, it isn’t always about who went out the most, who met the most people, or who has the most eventful life. Sometimes it is just about being happy with where you are. It’s that time we’re you’re cruising on a steady straight road and just enjoying the ride.

Ofcourse you are bound to face some hills and valleys, twists and turns but for now you’re just enjoying and refuelling your strength for what’s ahead. Whether good or bad, the calmness will allow you to get ready to face and fully live the experience.

With that being said, don’t drive on the road too slow or too fast. Stay at the perfect speed and you’ll do great. Don’t forget we are all on different journeys, driving on different roads. If you have just started the cruise keep driving and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness ahead. For those who are slowly reaching the end, brace yourself and don’t forget to keep driving. You may face some problems, like a flat tyre or an empty tank, but stay calm, stop, figure out a solution and carry on.

Remember stay strong, the journey is long and eventful. Be smart and don’t waste too much energy on one event and miss out on experiencing the others still ahead.