Oh my, I’m back. It’s been so long, 2 months I think? Long enough for me to miss writing and all of you amazing people. How’s everything been? There’s so much we need to catch up on (please don’t hesitate to comment and fill me in with anything). Now that I’ve taken my time away to relax (well, not really) but I’ve had the chance to clear my mind and have a think about everything.

I want to thank all of you again for such amazing comments and the advice you gave me. It honestly allowed me to gain perspective again. Soooo…. I had trouble before I left with getting so caught up with trying to think of the perfect content but then I realised (with all of your help Ofcourse) that I just simply had to write. That’s what I did before and that’s what I loved, so that’s what I’m going to do now. Now I may be disappearing every now and then but that’s just until I sort a couple of other things out, so please be patient with me and hopefully you’ll stick around.

I know I should cut this short, or I’ll get too carried away with just rambling on about everything but I just would like to finish off with one thing. With New Years around the corner, I hope you’ve all started to think and hopefully decided on your New Years resolution. I’d definitely love to hear about a couple, if you guys are willing to share. And also what are your plans and tricks to make sure you stick with it?

Stay strong and stay smiling. ☺️

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