I’m no fortune teller but…

Now, I’m no Fortune teller and I’m definitely not psychic, but I know for a fact 2016 is coming to an end and New Years is right around the corner.

I’m not sure if any of you are doing this, but for the first time ever I’ve set myself a New Years resolution. It never even crossed my mind but while finally getting a glimpse of the misty visions in the crystal ball, I realised that was something I’ve always wanted but never had the guts to do. So I decided that new year, new start, perfect time to do it. But slowly I coward out and completely gave up on the vision as the mist quickly returned.

New Years still hadn’t come and my goal was gone before it had even started!

You see, I had thought that it would be easy but nope it was the completely opposite. Yet ever time I got a glimpse of the vision, I’d get excited and start planning then seconds later the mist will cover it up again. I couldn’t keep doing this and I knew that this thing I had set was going to set me on a lifestyle and journey that I have long wanted to embark on. I needed a plan and I needed it fast.

Every time I tried to get a clearer view, some thought will increase the mist and I’d be lost in the clouds of white. So if I couldn’t keep a promise to myself, I knew exactly what I had to do. After hours of beating around the bush, I finally just blurted it out to my one and only. Ofcourse now that it was in the open and not just a vision within myself I had to go with it. But obviously at first I wasn’t taken seriously. Like I said before I’m not psychic 😉. But after explaining and sharing a glimpse of the slightly misty ball I knew I’d get the support and encouragement I needed.

So the ball tells no lies, by the next day I could see it happening and I’m more excited than ever. I’m starting to slowly lose sight of the crystal ball and all that’s remaining is my vision becoming my new reality.

Just got to stay strong and continue smiling. 😊

13 thoughts on “I’m no fortune teller but…

    1. You can be as nosy as you please ☺️.

      Well, I have a massive disease … which is Ofcourse procastination. It has dragged me down and to succeed in any future plans one needs to be proactive. So I set a plan to overcome it, however as other procastinators know… IT IS SO HARD to not procrastinate!!

      Therefore, I can’t really say I resolved anything yet, but it is a working process. 🙃

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      1. I love your optimism! 🙂 I’m not actually sure I want to be cured though: who wants to do loads of stuff they don’t really want to do? haha
        I wish you well though and of course you have my support! :))))

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      2. Optimism is the only thing keeping me going.
        Okay you’ve got a point there, but I shall not fall for your persuasion…. nope too late time to laze around and do everything other than be productive. 😂

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