**Sniff, sniff**


Can you smell that?

I’m not familiar with the scent at all. But I’m sure I’ve smelt it somewhere. From a distance or on people passing by? But for once it’s close and it feels like it could last some time. Not that I’m complaining because I can say for a fact it smells good. 🙃

So umm… yea I’m at a complete loss of words but let me try and explain.

I’ve read many amazing bloggers share their experience of this moment and every time found myself helplessly mirroring their happiness. Now what I can say for sure is, although we haven’t met personally, reading and sharing this platform with all of you has given me an instant sense of family.

To be honest, I never thought I’d get to the point where I would create and share a post like this. But with such an amazing and welcoming family like you I’ve been given the opportunity to. For that I send to you my humble thanks.

I thank you dearly for the support and constant stopping by, even at my most miserable inconsistent times. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice, and for always popping by, even just to say hi. Most of all, I thank you all for being you and sharing your moments and experiences too.

You’re all an inspiration and without you this experience would have never been possible. I hope you stick around some more and be sure to continue sharing your posts with us all. Recommend me anything at all and may we continue to cheer each other on.img_0309

Remember, Let your ink tell the story.

With lots of love,


20 thoughts on “**Sniff, sniff**

    1. Thank you so much☺️ Yes definitely. Everyone is so kind and welcoming which allows us to feel like that and be forever growing.
      May the scent spread onto all our fellow family members. Have a wonderful day and welcome to this side of the family. ☺️

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