Thoughts and your path…

My eyes caught glimpse of something, something I couldn’t quite clearly see.

What is it?

With each passing second my curiosity was increasing. Unconsciously I started walking towards it, starting slow and steady but hastily I quicken my pace. I was being extra careful not to fall or lose sight of it. I had to get to it!

But what if it turns out not interesting? What if I’m just wasting my time? I stop in my tracks as I watch it move further and further away, almost becoming unreachable. What was happening?

Should I just turn around and forget about it?

Okay wait, if it caught my eye then it’s interesting. If I’m curious then I should continue. I unconsciously started walking it’s path, so deep down this matters to me. So I’m not wasting my time.

I can do this, just got to push all these uncertainties and questions aside. I need to continue the path until I reach its destination. Positive thoughts and determination, that’s what’s going to get me there. It doesn’t matter how long or hard it is to get there, what matters is that I get there.

With a deep breath and a clear, determined mind I began taking one step at a time, slow and steady… but again I was stopped in my tracks. However this time, it wasn’t for the same reason as before. No not even close because now I was standing right in front of it.

How? I’m not going to answer that question. You know why? Because there’s a more important question to answer…

Was it worth it?


Remember it’s okay to be the slow and steady tortoise. He did win in the end! 🐢


You have the answer…

I don’t usually do this but hey I just felt like sharing this quote with all of you beautiful people. I hope you’re all having an amazing day.

Make today the day you get that much closer to your goals and making your dreams a reality.

Daily Prompt: Center

You’ll never understand…

Life can be tough,

No doubt about it,

Each one of us going through our own struggles,

Our own hardships and challenges.


People often say,

“You’ll never understand what I’m going through”,

Yes, you’re probably right,

But you too don’t know what they’re going through.


No one has a worry free perfect life,

We all struggle,

We are all fighting our own battles,

The only difference is how we cope and carry on.


So when things get tough get up,

jiggle around abit,

Let loose and relax,

Then get back to your battle with a clear and determined mind.


Remember you’re not alone.

Stay strong. Fight smarter not harder.

What if…

Hello there, how have you been? I’m really glad you managed to dropped by, even for just a bit.

You see you learn a lot about yourself and others by just observing and listening, so while you’re sitting there enjoying your coffee I’d like to share something nice and quick. It might or might not relate to you, I’m not quite sure. So please feel free to share your thoughts, I’d love to hear what you think.


Sometimes you get caught up in this feeling of uncertainty,

Every attempt to make it subside is failed,

No matter the strength,

No matter the determination,

It always lurks in the shadows,

Appearing when things are running smoothly,

You see we all have struggles,

We all have fears,

But to succeed we need to face up to them,

Give it our all and push on till the very end,

If we fail, it’s okay we’ll start again and at least then we’ll be able to say

“I tried my very best.”


Whenever possible push those uncertainties aside and

Make sure you don’t live an arid life filled with what ifs.

One reason. Different experiences.

Some wish,

Some have been so close but unfortunately lost,

And some are blessed but don’t know the true meaning of.


It’s sad and heartbreaking,

Watching the emotions that appear on their faces.

Some with hope,

Some with grief,

And some with complete anger and regret.


The observable behaviour just as clear,

Some who get involved and spend as much time as possible,

Some who stay onlookers too afraid to get too close and open up the wounds,

And some who are rough and uncaring because they’re just too fed up.


I get it… it’s hard sometimes,

You just want to rest,

But hey  guess that’s all part of the process,

And you’ve got to love every single second of it,

Because keep in mind having a baby is a pure blessing,

But not everyone is lucky enough to have the amazing experience of parenting like you.


So treat them right, don’t neglect or abuse them. Nurture, care and love them because…

That joyful beautiful angel you have might be the exact reason someone is dreaming or grieving.



Will you or will you not?

You’re stuck,

You’re hurt,

So confused and lost,

Trying to hit the road to recovery,

But know it’ll be tough.


You’re too afraid of your wounds getting worse,

Or worse yet others being formed,

You’re not sure what to do,

Or what is out there waiting for you,

And whether you’re ready to continue your journey or not.


It’ll be hard,

You know that for sure,

But you want to be able to say “I gave it a go”

Only time will tell how things will turn out,

So now it’s time,

Time to leave your hideout.

Are you stuck on repeat?

Each day passes by as a complete blur,

From the time your alarm goes off,

Till you climb under the covers and get ready to rest,

But that’s when your brain suddenly goes on overdrive,

With the tasks you forgot to complete,

And the things you completely missed.


After hours of tossing and turning,

Calming yourself,

Attempting to fit everything into the next day,

Or convincing yourself it wasn’t important anyways,

You fall asleep but not for long,

As you sleepily groan at your daily alarm going off.


You’ve pressed snooze a thousand times,

Before you finally zombie walk yourself out of bed,

You get ready and rush because you’re already late,

And yesterday’s cycle is once again in an unconscious repeat.


It’s seriously time to stop and think straight,

Put on your reality glasses,

Straight when we get out of bed,

And actively live your full day ahead.