My wish…

It’s funny you know?

There are many little humans roaming around on this earth but very little living the simple life a child should. Their miniature adults growing up fast to society rather than their natural cues.

Some who don’t go out and play because they’d rather sit in front of a screen all day. They don’t like this and they don’t like that, and they bully those who aren’t splitting images of them.

Then there’s those who don’t have time for such a thing, because they’re too busy trying to save and keep each other safe. They don’t know what it’s like to wake up to singing birds and sunshine because they’ve grown accustomed to the same sounds a soldier has. Their playground isn’t filled with green grass and swings but rather seas of red and hurdles they must miss.

Both have lost their innocence. Some from their need for societies approval and others who have no other choice because it’s the only thing they know. It’s heartbreaking and sad. What about the childish joy? What about the worry-free life of happiness and fun? What happened to playing outside? What happened to just simply enjoying life and the beautiful Mother Nature?

I wish kids were just kids. Where their laughter filled the air as they ran around without a care. Who weren’t scared of not being spotless clean and who don’t have red stains on everything they own. I wish they were just little angels running around exploring the beauty of this world just like a child should.


16 thoughts on “My wish…

  1. Well written and well said! Children should be childish at heart and not follow trends that adults chase. The playgrounds have ugly because children who make them beautiful and lively are sitting at homes…. Have a nice day!

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  2. We so agree with your wish. Children are precious and society is forcing them to grow up too quickly. Children see life in a simple yet profound way. One can see this so easily by taking a walk with a child through the zoo or on a nature trail. They see things with joy and no cynicism. “and a child shall lead them..”

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    1. Yes that’s exactly true. It’s sad because those children are so rare because of todays society. Hopefully one day, soon, we’ll get to see and give more children the lives they deserve and are supposed to be living.
      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts, it means a lot.

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  3. Wonderfully said…. To many young ones really don’t live a true childhood anymore, and the motivation to try something different is really held back from such an Internet social crowd. They fail to see beyond a screen, to truly feel adventure. And it is even sadder when there are ones possibly yearning for something more, but is tainted.

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