Just don’t think…

Leg nervously shaking, heartbeat accelerating.

“I can’t do this… ”

Now standing on the edge in position, I blocked out all my thoughts and leant forward… The gushing wind pulling me in. Yep there was no going back now!

Everyone was watching as my body became unstable and I was starting to drop down faster.

Okay, okay just breathe, relax! Pretend you’re a superhero… legs straight, chin up, arms out…

“I’m not falling, I’m not falling… just flying!”

With my body responding to the thought in mind my face gets quickly plastered with a smile. I probably looked like a chipmunk at this point but….

“This is the best thing ever!!”

I have never felt such freeedom. It was so empowering and better than I ever imagined it to be. I could get used to this.

But unfortunately, all too soon I got dragged in a different direction and pushed forward, landing on the ground again. The fun had come to an end but the hype and joy still continue bubbling within.

This is where many say their goodbyes but for me it’s thank you and I’ll see you again soon my friends. I’ll surely be back to take part in your wonderful craft again.


All I can say is…

Once you’ve experienced the flight there’s no going back! ☺️


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