You’re so…

You’re so ugly,

You’re so fat,

You’re way too short,

You’re unappealing,

You’re dumb,

You’re weak,

You’re fragile,

You’re unwanted,

You’ll never be loved…


You fight to hold back the tears, feeling every crack forming in your heart. You just stand there silently, looking dead straight in the eyes of your tormentor. You slowly wipe away the stray tear as you move out of the mirror’s frame.

Sometimes we are our worst critics, we criticize every little thing. Our hearts are filled and shatter from our own self hatred. It’s so difficult to succeed when we are constantly putting ourselves down. It’s also near impossible to accept the love and care of others when we don’t give it to ourselves. Surely we’re not perfect but that all part of the beauty of being human.

It’s time we learnt to love ourselves and all our little imperfections.


17 thoughts on “You’re so…

  1. WordPress fucked up my comment 😦
    I actually wrote:

    I ❤ This. It's so true, and priceless advice.
    And it reminded me of a piece I wrote a while back but never saw fit to publish, until now.
    And then I posted the link, which WP decided was all that mattered :/

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