I quickly became aware…

While walking around today I quickly became aware of many things. It reminded me of a post I shared a while back. I don’t know if you guys hate when bloggers do this but I felt like sharing it again. I hope you don’t mind. 

Please, I welcome all feedback and would love if you took some time to check it out. 

Also, don’t hesitate to tell me you hate reshares and I’ll be sure to stop it. 

Beauty blinded

Fluffy white clouds floating in the piercing blue sky.

The very slightly visible full moon, still present with the bright rays of today’s winter sun.

Despite the presence of the sun there’s a slight breeze,

Birds of all colours and sizes gliding, or sat on branches being a harmonised choir.

Butterflies gracefully flying and the bees silently buzzing near the flower beds,

The occasional ant or two carrying some crumbs back to their nests.

A leaf slowly dancing as it descends from a twig,

Joining the gentle sway of those on the worn out path,

The green grass, untouched by those on a mission but enjoyed by a couple of kids running around laughing in such a lively manner,

Everything so peaceful and beautiful

I can’t help but feel all fuzzy and alive, filled with happiness.


Until I realise…

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