Are you in control?

There was a time when everything was so loud,

There wasn’t a moment of silence,

Even covering my ears was greatly unhelpful,

I remember times when it got out of hand,

I’d close my eyes and beg for some silence,

But again it would be a failed attempt.


I hated it!!


But now…

There are days when I don’t hear a single sound

It’s completely silent,

So peaceful and relaxing,

Yet sometimes boring,

And sometimes demotivating.


However I now know there are times when I need the sounds,

Not as loud and uncontrolled like before,

But moderate, calm and when needed.


Switched on,

To decode problems and figure out solutions,

To inspire and motivate,

And more importantly to understand myself.


Because it turns out these sounds were the jumbled voices inside my head,

No I’m not crazy… We all have them.

Just some are in control and others are stuck in a complete mess.


Relax, Breathe and Take control.

Make them the solution and not the problem.

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