It’s time…

Hopes and dreams,

Aspirations and commitments,

There’s so much that is wanted,

But not enough motivation,

The passion is present,

The love is there,

It’s just the hard work that halts the progress.


Being lazy for so long,

It’s no longer a stroll down the street,

It’s turned into a struggle,

That we are finding difficult to defeat.


Relying on last minute pressure to get things done,

This is not healthy and definitely not the way it’s supposed to be.


Stress and anxiety need to go,

So love and passion can continue to grow,

A steady pace is all that it is needed,

It’s time to translate our thoughts into actions,

So our dreams can become a reality.

28 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. I feel like several areas in my life lack balance, including the areas I currently can not control. It feels heavy on my aching back, and my spiritual shoulders and I don’t feel like doing anything. Lately, for awhile now it seems I can help everyone but myself. Not because I haven’t tried…..reflection

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    1. Thank you for sharing your reflection… sometimes when things are added, removed or moved around the scales lose their perfect balance. It gets uneven and needs a little while to balance out again. That’s not a bad thing, just got to be patient enough.
      Like when you try to help others, you think things through and move at a steady pace altering things along the way to make sure everything works out. In order to help yourself, you’ve got to put in the same, if not more, effort and patience to the process. Then hopefully you’ll be able to help yourself just as well as you help others.

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      1. I need help, funny how I’m asked tp help others while people watch me struggle and offer no help. It makes me depressed.

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      2. Sadly that’s the society we live in today, if we don’t ask for something we won’t get it. Which is something I really do hate.

        It’s people like you who when asked for help quickly get on with it. It’s like you just don’t want others to suffer like you are, so you’d do anything to help them. No matter how much those people see you struggle you’re always strong and the helper in their eyes.

        So the only advice I have for you is to find a person you find comfortable opening up to and ask them for the help. Tell them I just need you to sit down and listen, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to.

        I’m here if you ever need (Just a message away). Best wishes. X

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      3. That’s the thing, I’ve already asked for help and put my request out into the Universe…I’m still praying for help. . . everyone just looks on as I struggle and tell me words that mean nothing. I’m trying to shake feeling like my life is a waste.

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      4. Don’t ever say that, life is what you make it. You’ve got to stay patient and slowly find a solution. No matter what the problem is there has to be a way around it, a way to fix it or a way to see it differently.

        Just got to be open and willing to go through the whole process, no matter how hard it gets. You got to keep hope in the better days still to come.

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      5. This is easier said for someone not going through what I am or have. Being lazy isn’t the problem, not having anything else to give to my problems is it. Everyone seems to have all the answers until they go through loosing everything the worked hard for based off lies they didn’t tell. I appreciate your level of concern but it just made me angry because I’m sick of people telling me empty words and pretending to care.

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      6. I’m sorry you don’t think my care is genuine and I’ve angered you. I can’t say I know what you’re going through, because I don’t, and I never assumed you were talking about laziness. But there are lots of people that are going through struggles that others don’t, and will never, understand. That doesn’t mean they don’t care, or all their words are empty. It truly saddens me to see you in this state.

        Although I haven’t gone through what ever you are going through, I have advice I can give you from first hand experience. In order to find the help we need, we need to give ourself enough love, care and patience in order to get through the struggles. Yes it’s dark and you feel stuck, you feel as though you’re screaming for help but no words are being heard. I get it it’s tough, but just keep in mind there’s a rainbow after a heavy storm, and the night is always followed by sunrise.

        Keep patient and stay strong. Things will get better trust me. Once again I’m here if you ever need. Best wishes x

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      7. I just have a hard time trusting people and their words. I’m having a tough time with my circumstances and I just simply don’t want to be bothered with problems anymore. Yes I know life is not always easy and I’m sick of people telling me to suck it up and keep moving, when my life has never been easy. It’s been struggle after struggle after struggle and I’ve been waiting for the 🌈 for three years. Thank you for your words..

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      8. Again you’ve interpreted my comment wrong, I don’t mean suck it up. It’s not possible to, I just meant you aren’t alone.

        With regards to trust, it is something that is difficult to gain and share. But there’s got to be someone… maybe if you dig deep enough you’ll know who they are.

        Wow three years, you should be proud for coping that long. Again I don’t know what your circumstances are, so I cannot judge. However if you’ve been able to wait and cope for this long, I’m sure you are strong and determined enough to go on. From here on out with the right support you should slowly begin to catch a glimpse of your rainbow.

        One day at a time. You’re almost reaching the end of the tunnel. X

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      9. I didn’t mean you were telling me to suck it up and move on. I was referencing what I’ve been told. There is someone I want to trust but don’t. It feels like a whirlwind of confusion and chaos because I love this person but the more I try to push her away, her name comes up, her birth day, birth place, etc. Yet, I’m still hurting inside and trying to forgive. .. My spirit is exhausted and Looking for tangible signs of hope. I haven’t seen any and I don’t know if I’m missing the signs. I’m spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally tired. I don’t want to go on, I want it to end. I have no more energy to travel this journey, enough is enough.

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      10. Whoever has been telling you those things are not worth your effort or time. Sometimes the people we long to trust somehow we just can’t trust. But if you love her that much, is there a specific reason why you can’t give her your trust? (Please feel free not answering if I’m getting to personal)

        In order to forgive we first need to heal. We need to give ourselves a reason to forgive, without that reason we simply cannot.

        I can imagine how tired you are. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but the longer you hurt the longer it’ll take to heal. So just take your time slow down but stay on your feet.

        It’s going to be difficult and exhausting but trust me the outcome will definitely be worth it. Stay strong x

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      11. What do you mean give my self a reason to forgive? Explain further please. She made a mistake, I get it. Just like I made a mistake but I’m having difficulty forgiving bc To me it seems like she doesn’t care about making it right. I don’t know, I really don’t. I know I need salvation and redemption.


      12. In order to forgive you need a reason that’s going to overpower her mistake. So whenever she pops into your mind her mistake isn’t the first thing you think about.It gives you hope and a source of forgiveness, that’s the only way you’ll be able to move forward and heal.

        What makes you so sure she doesn’t care about making it right? Has she showed you any signs that indicate that? Or is it just the hurt and mistrust that’s making you feel that way?

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      13. I don’t know of she cares about making it right. I don’t know if she’s given any signs. When you’ve been hurting for so long you cannot see too much of anything correctly, all you know is that you’re hurting. I’m tired of hurting from this situation, not being able to get a job.. What’s so wrong with me working to make money for myself. Several things hurt. Like the unanswered questions, the lies, the selfishness, all of that shit hurts. Why was I made out to be a bad person? Not to mention, why would she do anything like this to anyone without getting to know who they are 1st. No one has a right to do any harm to anyone based off of what was told to them about their character. I don’t understand why, I’m hurting and I’m tired and it hurts to know my dreams were put on pause while someone tried their best to destroy me and people associated with me because of what they thought. Someone that I was only trying to show love too. Why? Having the gift of spiritual sight isn’t easy and sometimes you see things you really wish you hadn’t. I want to her to stop being that way, to stop thinking just because you have the manpower/womanpower to hurt people you can. Me and the people she and her friends did this to didn’t deserve any of that. None of it! I just need her to make it right. When I think about her, I think good thoughts initially then as I continue to think, all of the questions come flooding back.


      14. You’ve got a lot of questions and open wounds. The only way you’ll get your answers and cure is if you get your closure. You need answers to your how’s what’s and why’s. To do that you need to talk to her, you need to figure out everything and both share your sides of the story. I’m no professional in advice or solving problems but from experience that’s what works best. Once you’ve got your answers you can begin your road to recovery.

        If you don’t wish to do that, then you’ve just got to find a way to let go of all your unanswered questions. Like I said before find a reason to recover. No one can heal you but you.

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      15. Some people are just like that, they prefer to leave everything behind and just move on.
        I think you need to figure out a way that will help you, either by putting your focus and effort on something else or by simply just going through everything, coming to terms with it and then moving on.

        It’s all about trial and error. Some techniques work for someone and do nothing for others.

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      16. That technique doesn’t really work for anyone because there is always a trail of unresolved issues left behind. That’s not good for the soul. Dealing with the issue headon and talking about it isn’t just for the person whose willing. It’s a matter of compromise. I can’t be expected to compromise if she is not willing. Maybe she doesn’t want me to know who she truly feels or she isn’t comfortable with me seeing her emotions. Maybe she wants me to move on to someone else? I already know of a way that would help and its to have an honest conversation to tie up loose ends. COMPROMISE.


      17. I totally agree don’t get me wrong, but everyone copes differently. And some take longer than others to finally become comfortable enough to have that important conversation.
        That’s why you need to find a technique that’s going to help you hold on and continue. You can’t have your life on hold while you wait for something to happen.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, it definitely does but it involves trying to break an easy and preferable habit that has had years to strengthen and become grounded. So Ofcourse it’s way easier said than done but definitely not impossible…

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