Are you stuck on repeat?

Each day passes by as a complete blur,

From the time your alarm goes off,

Till you climb under the covers and get ready to rest,

But that’s when your brain suddenly goes on overdrive,

With the tasks you forgot to complete,

And the things you completely missed.


After hours of tossing and turning,

Calming yourself,

Attempting to fit everything into the next day,

Or convincing yourself it wasn’t important anyways,

You fall asleep but not for long,

As you sleepily groan at your daily alarm going off.


You’ve pressed snooze a thousand times,

Before you finally zombie walk yourself out of bed,

You get ready and rush because you’re already late,

And yesterday’s cycle is once again in an unconscious repeat.


It’s seriously time to stop and think straight,

Put on your reality glasses,

Straight when we get out of bed,

And actively live your full day ahead.


16 thoughts on “Are you stuck on repeat?

  1. Well said. I had less classes recently and so I have got into a habit of waking up late, and lime you’ve said, I have developed a habit of putting off my alarm in my sleep. I can now put off 3 consecutive alarms off in my sleep…
    The answer to the title….Yes I am stuck on repeat! But I am determined to change.
    Thanks for sharing!😊

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