One reason. Different experiences.

Some wish,

Some have been so close but unfortunately lost,

And some are blessed but don’t know the true meaning of.


It’s sad and heartbreaking,

Watching the emotions that appear on their faces.

Some with hope,

Some with grief,

And some with complete anger and regret.


The observable behaviour just as clear,

Some who get involved and spend as much time as possible,

Some who stay onlookers too afraid to get too close and open up the wounds,

And some who are rough and uncaring because they’re just too fed up.


I get it… it’s hard sometimes,

You just want to rest,

But hey  guess that’s all part of the process,

And you’ve got to love every single second of it,

Because keep in mind having a baby is a pure blessing,

But not everyone is lucky enough to have the amazing experience of parenting like you.


So treat them right, don’t neglect or abuse them. Nurture, care and love them because…

That joyful beautiful angel you have might be the exact reason someone is dreaming or grieving.



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