Today’s the day…

Ok, listen up…

I’ve watched you struggle and hurt for long enough. No no no don’t get me wrong I’m not leaving you and I’m not fed up with listening. But that’s it I can’t see you like this any longer.

Today’s the day we are going to begin your journey. What journey? Your journey to recovery. I can see you hesitate. Yes, I get it it’s going to be hard but remember it’ll all be worth it in the end. We’ll take it one step at a time, I promise.

Please, trust me. Yea, not everything will get better with a click of a finger. You’ll stumble, you’ll lose your balance and yes sometimes you’ll fall. But don’t worry, you can take it nice and slow, starting with baby steps and then continue on from there.

The only thing that you must keep constant is your strength and determination. If the first attempt doesn’t work, try a second, and a third, even a tenth. It doesn’t matter you just got to keep remembering “I won’t give up. It’s okay to Start over again.

We’re all human. Never perfect but forever growing and learning.


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