Ocean or calm waters?

Are you someone who likes to ruminate?

Or do you find it difficult to keep your thoughts under control?


Do you address the single thought?

Or do you always find yourself dragged into a complex Swarm of them?


Can you ruminate without getting your feelings involved?

Or are you the one who gets emotionally drained?


Can you easily return to reality?

Or are you stuck in your head for hours with no simple escape?


Thinking isn’t always as simple as it sounds and it differs for each individual. Some find it easy and fun. Others take on every possible distraction to escape the dreaded ocean of thoughts.

As difficult as it may be for overthinkers, there’s only so much that can be done to avoid it. So when you feel like you’re slowly getting dragged in, just stay calm. Don’t see waves coming crashing down but rather soft relaxing ripples gently caressing the sand.

Take your time getting closer and comfortable to soon dive in. Once you dive, remember to resurface for a breath of reality.

Slowly you’ll start to enjoy the dive and learn to gracefully ride the waves whenever they decide to arise.


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