Just like your beating heart…

Sometimes you live life to its fullest,

Sometimes you’re on top of your game,

Sometimes you succeed in every step you take.




Other times life gets tough,

Other times you get knocked off your feet,

Constantly finding yourself fighting a battle,

Simply trying to find the strength and courage to get up,

And stand on your two feet.


There are also times when you might get lost in a whirlwind,

And find yourself stuck on repeat.


But don’t you worry,

All these times are part of life,

And just like your beating heart,

Ups and downs are perfect signs of being alive.


So this is what I’ll leave you with…

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.

– Joyce Meyer


Embrace all life’s moments,

Smile when your happy,

Cry when your sad,

Blush when your shy,

Scream when your angry,

And laugh whenever you get the chance.


Just wanted to quickly thank all my beautiful readers for dropping by and being so kind, for today marks 2 years since this blog was created. I’m so grateful for all your support.


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