Struggling because of fear…


Struggling to write,

Struggling to be creative,

Struggling to gain some inspiration,

Very little motivation,

Not a single topic,

Not a single thought,

All because I’ve locked myself out,

Giving myself a symptom of fear,

Fear of entering my maze of thoughts again.

How do you live?

Are you stuck on repeat?

Or have you managed to press shuffle?


Are you living alone, just simply passing by people?

Or are you actively involved with the people that surround you?


Do you make time for loved ones?

Or is your interaction with them very minimal?


Basically, do you only fully exist in your story or do you have an important part in the stories of those around you?

All this…

You saw me from afar,

Didn’t utter a single word,

Scanning with your eyes.


Based on your perception,

A decision was made,

And a label was placed.


All this…

Without getting to know me first.


Reminder: Be careful of the labels you place, be wise and remember to never judge a book by its cover.





Everyday is a new beginning,

Everyday is a brand new chance,

Everyday is the perfect time to shine.


Everyday should be a day for improvements,

A day to move forward,

To find your light,

To conquer your fears,

To love more,

To care more,

To be the best you can ever be.


Don’t hold yourself back or give up because one day you’ll wake up and love and smile back at your familiar stranger.


Happy Birthday/Anniversary to me! ClumsyandSilly has turned 1 today (BD: 20/03/2016)

Thank you to all my amazing family and all my wonderful visitors. Without you ClumsyandSilly wouldn’t be celebrating today! I love you all ❤️IMG_0396

On this special occassion: Here’s the birth of ClumsyandSilly

The journey of life…

Hey! Hey you. Yes, yes you! I see you peering through the screen, scanning and observing from a far. Don’t be shy or scared, I’m friendly I promise.

Don’t worry I won’t keep you waiting for long. I just want to give you a small and quick reminder. It may benefit you, or it may be something you already do (in which I congratulate you and hope you’ll continue). I know there are differing opinions so if you don’t agree or have some concerns please speak them out and make your voice be heard.

With life’s busy schedules, unexpectancies and daily routines, we unconsciously find ourselves stuck on repeat. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a routine or plan. However how safe is a flight set on autopilot with no pilot to steer or take control?

We need to immerse ourselves in nightly evaluations. Decide on things that went great and those that might need fixing. Ask yourself “How productive was I?” and “What improvements can be made?” Even more importantly, “Did I spend my day on autopilot or was I actually actively involved in the journey of life?”

Remember, always take control and try to be better than yesterday’s you.