I still exist…

I’m not like the leaf that just blew away in the wind,

I’m not like the rain just before the beautiful sun,

I’m not like the stranger you just walked by in the street.


Like the people who existed in the past,

I’m a dusty memory you’ve completely forgotten about,


I still exist,

With a permanent role in your everyday life.


So why won’t you take just a second to simply notice me?



I only know your name…

A numbness,
A sense of emptiness,
What is happening?
Why am I struggling?

It shouldn’t be this hard,
It should just come naturally.

Yet here I am,
Once again surpressing an emotion,
An emotion that I can’t open up my heart to.

No matter how hard I try,
The second I feel the lump and its momentary sting
Everything recoils and I’m back at zero.

Deep down I know,
I know what it is that I’m feeling.

However it doesn’t really matter,
Since I only know you’re name,
And have no idea why you’re here.

It will never be the same again.

This was the last thing you were expecting,
You were in such a great mood and quite over the moon,
Until you got that call.

Your elevated mood was now lower than ever before.
Time stands still,
You stare off into the unknown,
“No, no it can’t be true”,
You try and convince yourself…
“Everything’s fine, there’s nothing wrong”!

You scurry around,
Still wearing a smile on your face,
Forcing yourself to keep on moving,
But deep down you know things were never going to be the same ever again.

You lose the bounce in your step,
You come to a halt,
Your smile slowly fades and the tears begin to drop,
Your heart shatters and breaks,
You don’t know what to do,
So you just scream at the top of your lungs…

I never imagined it would be you…

I almost forgot what it was like to feel like this,

And never once did I imagine you’d be the one,

The one to fuel these emotions after they’ve been put out for so long,

I know it’s because you care,

But I just needed you to show me in a different way,

To simply hold me,

And tell me it’ll all be okay,

But unfortunately you decided on a different way.


Surely the wounds are deep and I can still feel their sting,

But I forgive you ,

And I will always continue to love you the same.

… I’m back!

Been away for so long, not because of writers block and not because I no longer wanted to post.

However I’ve been just simply caught up with everyday life.

I didn’t realise how long it’s been, until I got a notification alerting me of a new comment made.

A fellow blogger, an amazing friend, so kind enough to just simply check up and see where I’ve been. Reading the comment in complete shock, I never thought someone would even realise I was gone.

In a visceral moment, I realised how much I missed this online world. This online place where I’ve met all these amazing and caring people. This place where I could unleash all my thoughts and feelings.

To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve come back anytime soon. But every since I read that comment, my mind has been going wild with new thoughts and new post ideas. I just needed to get back into it.

Now Ofcourse I’ll be unleashing all my thoughts and ideas but in addition to those I’d really like to start posting about something you guys have requested every now and then. You guys can spark my imagination with anything you wish… a phrase, a topic, an issue you’ve been thinking about or just simply a word that may come to your mind. I don’t know it’s completely up to you.

Anyways I think I’m getting carried away because I haven’t written in so long, so I’m going to force myself to end it here. I’m looking forward to posting and reading your amazing blogs again.

Stay amazing ❤️

Childhood lessons…

As kids,
We acted out things a lot,
Whether for fun,
Or to emphasis a point.

Remember whenever we were told a secret,
Or when we just needed to be quiet,
We would “Zip” our mouth,
“Lock it” at the side,
And “throw the key away”.

It honestly helped,
And it was taken so seriously.

Surely we’re not kids anymore,
However it truly would make a difference if people still knew how to just be quiet.

Even a second of silence can make a difference,
Whether it’s to listen to a point,
Or rethink whatever you’re planning to say.

Don’t forget your childhood lessons,
Yeah they were fun,
But now they could save you from a lot of trouble.

Oh no, I’ve made a mistake…

Don’t stress,

Or listen to people’s gossip,

Whenever you make a mistake.



Lift your head up high,

And be proud of every single one you make,

No matter how big or small,

As without them you would never learn!


Every mistake is a lesson,

Every mistake teaches you something new.

Every mistake makes you that much more wiser!


So remember anyone who gossips is just simply jealous of your progress 😉