Childhood lessons…

As kids,
We acted out things a lot,
Whether for fun,
Or to emphasis a point.

Remember whenever we were told a secret,
Or when we just needed to be quiet,
We would “Zip” our mouth,
“Lock it” at the side,
And “throw the key away”.

It honestly helped,
And it was taken so seriously.

Surely we’re not kids anymore,
However it truly would make a difference if people still knew how to just be quiet.

Even a second of silence can make a difference,
Whether it’s to listen to a point,
Or rethink whatever you’re planning to say.

Don’t forget your childhood lessons,
Yeah they were fun,
But now they could save you from a lot of trouble.


Bad day?

I heard you’ve had a rough night, and it all just became too much. I’m so sorry you were alone, feeling so down. If I had the chance I would’ve come right over. With a cup of coffee in each of our hands, I would’ve sat and listened till the final thought spilled out of your mind.

I don’t know what it is you’re going through and I don’t know how much of a struggle everything has been. I just want you to know I’m here if you ever need. Don’t ever hesitate to drop by and say “I just need you to listen to everything I’ve got to say.”

I’m all ears and will try my best to be available in every single way. If not, I apologise life is probably getting in the way but you can trust that I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, I won’t delay.

For now my words of opinion and advice are scattered around in this blog, feel free to have a read until I come back.

The final thing I want to leave you with for now is, figure out the pattern that leaves you feeling down, break it and make it one that elicits positive feelings of happiness and joy.

Stay strong, it’s okay to have a bad day. Just remember to get back up and find your happy path again. 💕

Today’s the day…

Ok, listen up…

I’ve watched you struggle and hurt for long enough. No no no don’t get me wrong I’m not leaving you and I’m not fed up with listening. But that’s it I can’t see you like this any longer.

Today’s the day we are going to begin your journey. What journey? Your journey to recovery. I can see you hesitate. Yes, I get it it’s going to be hard but remember it’ll all be worth it in the end. We’ll take it one step at a time, I promise.

Please, trust me. Yea, not everything will get better with a click of a finger. You’ll stumble, you’ll lose your balance and yes sometimes you’ll fall. But don’t worry, you can take it nice and slow, starting with baby steps and then continue on from there.

The only thing that you must keep constant is your strength and determination. If the first attempt doesn’t work, try a second, and a third, even a tenth. It doesn’t matter you just got to keep remembering “I won’t give up. It’s okay to Start over again.

We’re all human. Never perfect but forever growing and learning.


Cup of coffee #1 (2017)

Oh my, oh my! It’s been so long since our last cup of coffee together but I’ve invited you over because I’ve missed our little chats and I think it’s time that we caught up. So…

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, I’d hug you so tight and tell you I’ve missed you and I’m sorry for disappearing for quite a while. Even though you probably haven’t realised but that’s okay because there’s so many amazing people who are constant and don’t disappear for so long.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, I’d ask you how everything has been. Wow! The last time we spoke was in 2016! I sure hope 2017 has been looking good for you so far. If not, don’t worry just try to adapt and take each day as a new chance to make it better.

If we were having a cup of coffee right now, I’d sit back and listen because I’ve missed listening to all the details of your emotions and experiences. I’ll share your laughter and your tears because hey I know we haven’t met in so long but I’m always here for a friend in need.

Weird almost quiet moments…

I smile,

I sing,

I dance,

I live,

I’m filled with happiness,

And empty of hate,

I have a clear mind,

And positivity that runs through my veins,


Ofcourse there are moments where the Melody I’m listening to quietens,

I’m left stuck in this weird emotion,

I don’t understand it,

I allow myself to experience it for a bit,

Then go back and turn the dial,

Putting the melody back in full blast.


No one will see me frown,

Not even the person looking back in the mirror.