Oh no, I’ve made a mistake…

Don’t stress,

Or listen to people’s gossip,

Whenever you make a mistake.



Lift your head up high,

And be proud of every single one you make,

No matter how big or small,

As without them you would never learn!


Every mistake is a lesson,

Every mistake teaches you something new.

Every mistake makes you that much more wiser!


So remember anyone who gossips is just simply jealous of your progress 😉


Those pair of eyes…

Everyday is a chance to become better,

But everyday is also a chance of mistakes and wrongdoings,

It’s a struggle as it is,

Trying to satisfy those criticising eyes,

The ones that know all too well what no one else does,

Every little detail,

Every little secret.


All the motivation,

All the inspiration,

All the courage and strength.


No matter the struggle,

Or the effort,

No matter how abstract,

Or absurd…

Whatever it takes,

I won’t let them down.