Think of a strategy…

Sometimes you find yourself stuck,

Sometimes all you see is a dead end,

And sometimes you may see nothing at all,

Just pure, dark emptiness.


However, never give up,

Get focused,

Think of a strategy,

Stick to it,

And surely you will succeed.



“Even when you feel you’ve tried everything and exhausted yourself, THAT is the point at which you have to push through.”

Omar Choudhry.


Holding on…

Determined to keep going,

But my legs aching and fingers slowly slipping,

I couldn’t hold myself up much longer.


I slipped,

And slammed into the wall,

Until my feet hit the ground again,

Back to where I started,

“I can’t do this! I’m too weak!”


“No, no! I have to try again!”

I chalked up my hands,

Quickly gripped on,

And began climbing,

Before I had the chance to change my mind.


You see,

Sometimes all it needs is one go,

Others, multiple hits and falls,

It’s not always easy to reach the top,

But you’ve got to realise in order to succeed,

You’ve got to let go of the belief of not being good enough,

Or simply not being capable.


You’ve got to be willing to fail once,

Or twice,

Or even more,

And acknowledge the achievement that has been made,

Even if you only managed to get one step further,

Always be proud of how far you’ve come.



I’ll be sure to make you proud again.

The pieces were scattered on the floor, broken,

Reconstructing something that took years to build with blurry glass eyes,

Felt almost impossible,

Each time there seemed to be progress,

A jab, an ache, a heart-wrenching feeling awakened,

Then the pieces tumbled down again.


An act made them believe the issue was trying to be Stylish,

When in all reality,

They didn’t know it was an inner struggle for survival,

Slowly drowning from unshed tears that were accumulating,

I just wanted to scream,


But I knew it’d be too much for their busy lifestyles.


The familiar stranger…was once again sharing a look of disappointment,

I’m sorry for being weak,

I’ll be stronger and wiser,

I’ll be sure to make you proud again.


P.s. Never give up no matter how hard it gets.

Starting over again…

Standing proud and tall,

Admiring the familiar stranger that I’ve got to know so well,

“You’ve come along way and it’ll only get better from here”

But so I believed,

In an instance the smile we shared was no longer there,

A sudden perplexed emotion quickly took its place,

A feeling from within that I haven’t felt in so long,


The feeling got worse,

I was suffocating,

Slowly drowning

“NO! NO!”

The mirror shattered and I was left staring at the scattered fragments,

Unable to pick them up and place them back in place,

It stung and burnt, cutting deeper the more I tried,

“How could I let this happen?”

With tears staining my sheets, I promised …

“I’ll stay strong and just start over again.”


P.s. Never give up, even you fall and have to start again. Get up and get further than you were before, making adjustments to create a more perfected version of the previous attempt.