Holding on…

Determined to keep going,

But my legs aching and fingers slowly slipping,

I couldn’t hold myself up much longer.


I slipped,

And slammed into the wall,

Until my feet hit the ground again,

Back to where I started,

“I can’t do this! I’m too weak!”


“No, no! I have to try again!”

I chalked up my hands,

Quickly gripped on,

And began climbing,

Before I had the chance to change my mind.


You see,

Sometimes all it needs is one go,

Others, multiple hits and falls,

It’s not always easy to reach the top,

But you’ve got to realise in order to succeed,

You’ve got to let go of the belief of not being good enough,

Or simply not being capable.


You’ve got to be willing to fail once,

Or twice,

Or even more,

And acknowledge the achievement that has been made,

Even if you only managed to get one step further,

Always be proud of how far you’ve come.




You’ll never understand…

Life can be tough,

No doubt about it,

Each one of us going through our own struggles,

Our own hardships and challenges.


People often say,

“You’ll never understand what I’m going through”,

Yes, you’re probably right,

But you too don’t know what they’re going through.


No one has a worry free perfect life,

We all struggle,

We are all fighting our own battles,

The only difference is how we cope and carry on.


So when things get tough get up,

jiggle around abit,

Let loose and relax,

Then get back to your battle with a clear and determined mind.


Remember you’re not alone.

Stay strong. Fight smarter not harder.

A new start is here…

Another chapter coming to an end,

Another one about to begin,

Use this final day to skim through and find the obvious mistakes,

Learn from them and plan ahead,

Do not Mope about what’s already done,

But be glad for the chance you’ve got,

Turn the page and begin it great,

Make it the best thing you’ve ever made.


Allow a plot twist or a huge step to take place,

Always stay motivated,

Fight off the demons,

Conquer your fears,

And get that much closer to the goals you’ve set,

I’m sure you’ve procrastinated a lot in the past,

But nows the time to surprise yourself with how far you can go,

Push yourself and stay on top of your game,

Take every chance and have no regrets,

Stay strong and always smile.


A new start is here so…

Let your ink tell the story.

I’m no fortune teller but…

Now, I’m no Fortune teller and I’m definitely not psychic, but I know for a fact 2016 is coming to an end and New Years is right around the corner.

I’m not sure if any of you are doing this, but for the first time ever I’ve set myself a New Years resolution. It never even crossed my mind but while finally getting a glimpse of the misty visions in the crystal ball, I realised that was something I’ve always wanted but never had the guts to do. So I decided that new year, new start, perfect time to do it. But slowly I coward out and completely gave up on the vision as the mist quickly returned.

New Years still hadn’t come and my goal was gone before it had even started!

You see, I had thought that it would be easy but nope it was the completely opposite. Yet ever time I got a glimpse of the vision, I’d get excited and start planning then seconds later the mist will cover it up again. I couldn’t keep doing this and I knew that this thing I had set was going to set me on a lifestyle and journey that I have long wanted to embark on. I needed a plan and I needed it fast.

Every time I tried to get a clearer view, some thought will increase the mist and I’d be lost in the clouds of white. So if I couldn’t keep a promise to myself, I knew exactly what I had to do. After hours of beating around the bush, I finally just blurted it out to my one and only. Ofcourse now that it was in the open and not just a vision within myself I had to go with it. But obviously at first I wasn’t taken seriously. Like I said before I’m not psychic 😉. But after explaining and sharing a glimpse of the slightly misty ball I knew I’d get the support and encouragement I needed.

So the ball tells no lies, by the next day I could see it happening and I’m more excited than ever. I’m starting to slowly lose sight of the crystal ball and all that’s remaining is my vision becoming my new reality.

Just got to stay strong and continue smiling. 😊



Oh my, I’m back. It’s been so long, 2 months I think? Long enough for me to miss writing and all of you amazing people. How’s everything been? There’s so much we need to catch up on (please don’t hesitate to comment and fill me in with anything). Now that I’ve taken my time away to relax (well, not really) but I’ve had the chance to clear my mind and have a think about everything.

I want to thank all of you again for such amazing comments and the advice you gave me. It honestly allowed me to gain perspective again. Soooo…. I had trouble before I left with getting so caught up with trying to think of the perfect content but then I realised (with all of your help Ofcourse) that I just simply had to write. That’s what I did before and that’s what I loved, so that’s what I’m going to do now. Now I may be disappearing every now and then but that’s just until I sort a couple of other things out, so please be patient with me and hopefully you’ll stick around.

I know I should cut this short, or I’ll get too carried away with just rambling on about everything but I just would like to finish off with one thing. With New Years around the corner, I hope you’ve all started to think and hopefully decided on your New Years resolution. I’d definitely love to hear about a couple, if you guys are willing to share. And also what are your plans and tricks to make sure you stick with it?

Stay strong and stay smiling. ☺️

Enjoy the ride…

“Please tell me you finally have a story to tell?” 

*thinks* “No I don’t…”

“OMG, what do you do with your life? I have like 10 stories to tell just from today…”


You see sometimes you might think that someone is being secretive or just have the most boring life. But that is were you have to be careful, it isn’t always about who went out the most, who met the most people, or who has the most eventful life. Sometimes it is just about being happy with where you are. It’s that time we’re you’re cruising on a steady straight road and just enjoying the ride.

Ofcourse you are bound to face some hills and valleys, twists and turns but for now you’re just enjoying and refuelling your strength for what’s ahead. Whether good or bad, the calmness will allow you to get ready to face and fully live the experience.

With that being said, don’t drive on the road too slow or too fast. Stay at the perfect speed and you’ll do great. Don’t forget we are all on different journeys, driving on different roads. If you have just started the cruise keep driving and enjoy the scenery and peacefulness ahead. For those who are slowly reaching the end, brace yourself and don’t forget to keep driving. You may face some problems, like a flat tyre or an empty tank, but stay calm, stop, figure out a solution and carry on.

Remember stay strong, the journey is long and eventful. Be smart and don’t waste too much energy on one event and miss out on experiencing the others still ahead.


There are many things that we could be Forbidden from. Can you think of any?

It could be anything; expressing thoughts and emotions, or undertaking within certain activities or situations. Whatever it may be, it gives you a trapped sense. Like you’re not free to do and be whoever and whatever you like.

Depending on your personality, you’d either strive to be approved of or the outcast in your community. So you’re suddenly either concealing or rebelling. Whatever your personality is remember that positivity can be found in any circumstance, even the restrictive and difficult ones.

So no matter what you’re forbidden from or what type of person you choose to be, remember to always have an optimistic view. Try and make the most out of every situation. Discover, learn and develop through every ease and hardship. Don’t let anything stop you from being the best you can be.

Stay strong and smile. Xxx