Don’t get stuck on the same page…

You sit there,

You sit there for hours,

Contemplating all about it,

Wondering if it is even worth it,

So many questions run through your head,

So many insecurities,

Way too many,

And just like yesterday,

You get stuck on the very same page of the Story,

Your story.

In life taking the very first step towards something new can be completely nerve racking, almost frightening. However, without trying there is no way of knowing what possibilities and opportunities are awaiting ahead. Yes it’s hard, but without the courage to take that first step, there will be no progress.

So when you can start today, do not wait for tomorrow.


Searching for the conclusion…

Life was amazing,

Everything felt right,

Nothing’s changed,

But there’s just this lost and empty feeling inside,

No words to express what’s going through this mind,

And no actions to show the feelings in this heart,

There’s so much that needs to be done,

So much that needs to be said,

But instead silence and laziness is all that’s been felt.

There’s just a haze and such confusion,

Eyes are wandering, searching for a conclusion,

Not for the end, but just for this chapter,

So the pages can be turned,

And the story can continue.

It feels like the answer is near,

As much as now would be great,

I don’t want to Jeopardize¬†what it could be,

There will be a moment when the timing will be perfect,

Just got to stay strong and believe everything will fall into place,

And remember everything happens for a reason.